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<tc>Business days: Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 12:00-21:00 (until 20:00 on Sundays) Web reservation has started. The deadline for reservations is around noon of the day before.</tc>
1/3(火) 12:00-18:00 特別営業のお知らせ

1/3 (Tue) 12:00-18:00 Notice of special business

Everyone Happy New Year. Hurry up, we will be open from 12:00-18:00 on 1/3 (Tue)! This is a sp...
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特別X'mas ペアリング実施中!

Special X'mas pairing in progress!

Since the Edo period, Nada sake has been popular as an accompaniment to meals. This Christmas, ...
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[12/22-31] We are waiting for you at Meyameya!

A new light event that colors Kobe's winter nights. Meyameya!!! It will be held from 12/22 (Thur...
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Posted in MEETS.

Published in Keihanshin L Magazine's "Meets Regional"! Cross culture of entertainment spirit and...
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10/1(土) 13:00頃- 剣菱の樽酒で鏡開き!

10/1(土) 13:00頃- 剣菱の樽酒で鏡開き!

  10/1(土) 13:00頃- 剣菱の樽酒で鏡開きを行います! 普段はない機会ですので、ぜひこの機会にお試しください。 ご来店、お待ちしております。
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It was published in the Kakogawa Keizai Shimbun "Planned by the 20s! The world's number one sake landmark...

It was published in the Kakogawa Keizai Shimbun. “Planned by people in their 20s! A pairing nig...
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An article in the Kobe Shimbun, "Young makers and drinkers interact.."

It was published in Kobe Shimbun "Hyogo Keizai Plus". "Young people who make and drink sake exch...
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9/22 (Thursday) | A pairing night will be held to connect with sake!

Planned by people in their twenties! A pairing night will be held at the world's number one sa...
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[New] Nadagogo Sake Brewery Set will change to "Autumn Taste"!

The contents of the Nadagogo Sake Brewery set changes with the seasons. From September onwards, ...
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"Nama Sparkling Sake" has started!

Nadagogo Sake Brewery Started Nama Sparkling Sake this summer! We will be sparkling various sa...
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[Until September] If you come to the store wearing a yukata, you can get a free glass of sake!

The hot summer continues! Nadagogo Sake Brewery This summer, we are offering a free cup of sake...
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[8/11-8/16] "Welcome back discount" is in progress. Get a glass of recommended sake as a gift!

I can't go out for a long time, but I want to welcome the summer in my hometown this summer! "O...
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WEB予約開始します!(8/11分 〜)

Online reservation has started! (8/11 minutes ~)

Thank you for waiting. We have received a lot of feedback, so we have started taking reservatio...
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6/25 DJ TrasTaさんの音楽をお楽しみに!

6/25 Look forward to DJ TrasTa's music!

This Saturday is SAKE SATURDAY🙌! DJ TrasTa is coming! @dj_trasta Enjoying alcohol and food while...
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灘五郷酒所 スタッフ 募集中

Recruiting staff!

We are looking for people to work with us. Opened at the end of April 2022with the aim of becom...
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【5/31まで受付中】お披露目パーティー 7/7 決定!

[Accepting until 5/31] Unveiling party 7/7 decided!

Currently challenging crowdfunding. Nadagogo Sake Brewery was born from the renovation of Kenbi...
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朝日新聞 掲載!「灘の日本酒文化発信施設 御影にオープン」

Asahi Shimbun published! "Nada's Sake Culture Transmission Facility Opened in Mikage"

It was published in the Asahi Shimbun! "Nada's sake culture transmission facility opened in Mika...
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毎日新聞 掲載!「全26蔵40種の酒と料理提供 日本酒文化発信へ」

Featured in the Mainichi Shimbun! "Providing 40 types of sake and dishes from 26 breweries to disseminate Japanese sake culture"

It was published in the Mainichi Shimbun! "Nadagogo Sake Brewery Serving 40 kinds of sake and di...
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Lmaga 掲載!「日本酒ラバーが歓喜する、神戸の新スポット「灘五郷酒所」が開業」

Posted in Lmaga! “Nadagogo Sake Brewery, a new spot in Kobe where sake lovers will rejoice, opens”

Kansai is delicious, fun, and full of things you want to know about. It was published on the new...
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Published on TOKK! “Opening of Nada Gogo Sake Brewery, where sake from Kobe gathers together”

We were featured in the local media "TOKK", which distributes gourmet information, news, events,...
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Published in GQ "Kobe 'Nada Gogosho' is open! 』

Published in "GQ", a media that disseminates the current fashion and culture from the perspective...
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[until 5/31! ] Add a new return to Kurafan!

Challenging Clyde Funding! "Nadagogo Sake Brewery" will open on April 29th (Friday) this spri...
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5/13-15 KOBE ART MARCHE 出展!

5/13-15 KOBE ART MARCHE exhibition!

This time, we exhibited at Kobe Art Marche 2022 held at Meriken Park Oriental Hotel, and provid...
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Notice of business hours change

Thank you for always using our service. We regret to inform you that we will be changing our busi...
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5/7土 17:00- SAKE SATURDAY 開催

5/7 Saturday 17:00- SAKE SATURDAY held

It's the second half of Golden Week, and the weather feels like early summer! Thanks to all of yo...
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Crowdfunding has started!

"Nada Gogo Sake Brewery", which inherits and disseminates sake culture, has opened in "Nada", which boasts the largest amount of sake production in Japan. Crowdfunding also started (until 5/31)

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Recruiting opening staff!

We are looking for people to work with us. Grand opening at the end of April 2022 with the aim ...
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『hanako tokyo』に掲載されました

Published in "hanako tokyo"

hanako tokyo website
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『kiss press』に掲載されました

It was published in "kiss press"

kiss press
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Published in Higashinada Journal

Higashinada Journal
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『yahoo news』に掲載されました

It was published in "yahoo news"

yahoo news
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Notice of postponement of "Sake brewery seminar to enjoy the combination of sake and food"

Notice of postponement of the "Sake brewery seminar to enjoy the combination of sake and food" "S...
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